Lightweight calming cream for atopic skin


Lightweight calming cream demonstrates great smoothening and inti-inflammatory effects. It is designed for atopic and very sensitive skin. It makes the epidermis more flexible and gives a delicate and velvety feel.

Lightweight antibacterial cream for dry and combination skin


Antibacterial, mattifying cream with birch extract is ideal for problematic oily and combination skin. It stimulates excessive sebum secretion which leads to pore clogging and formation of comedones (black heads).

Lightweight calming cream for couperose skin


Cream with poppy extract is designed for sensitive and vascular skin. It has nutritional, softening, moisturizing and soothing properties. It increases resistance to external irritants, improving at the same time the overall appearance and condition of the skin.

Lightweight hydrating cream for dehydrated skin


Hypo-allergic cream with cornflower extract is intended for dry and dehydrated skin. Rapidly absorbed, it quickly provides long-lasting hydration and comfort for pinched and tight skin.

Lightweight anti-ageing cream


Rejuvenating cream with cotton extract provides intense hydration and skin nourishment. Cream with a light consistency stimulates cell renewal and has protective, smoothing and antioxidant properties.

Lightweight cream evening the skin tone for skin with discolorations


Cream with raspberry ketone glucoside helps to fade away existing blemishes and controls the production of melanin in the skin layers and thus, reduces formation of new spots. Blemishes and discolorations are associated with malfunctioning, excess or lack of melanin in the skin.